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LaWhore Vagistan

This gorgeous and vibrant kaftan really takes the cake! Super flowy and multi layered, it’s perfect for those queens who want to spend their time on stage right in front of the fan. This sweeping, full-length design features a silhouette that transitions from a beautifully bold red to a luscious hot pink. Oh, and the sparkling green contrast trim running down the center will really make you stand out on stage. *Wig and heels not included.


Liquid Andromeda

Model: Cereza
Social media: @thecerezaofficial

One Size

Model: Cereza
Social media: @thecerezaofficial
Cereza’s stats for comparison:
Height: 5’10
Weight: 185
Chest: 44”
Waist: 36”
Inseam: 32”

Red/Hot Pink

Dry Clean


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